Right now, demand for vaccine appointments is high. But eventually, there will be a shift from accommodating all who want it to finding those who are hesitant and ensuring that they have easy access, according to Dr. Paul Biddinger, chair of Gov. Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group

"I actually don't think it's that far away, maybe weeks," Biddinger said. "I do think we're not to to far away from that pivot point where people who were eager have been vaccinated, people who were a little hesitant but have seen how successful the vaccination effort has been are also vaccinated. And then we're really doubling down to try and reach those who have more significant concerns and questions and make sure they got good answers to their questions — [that] they're comfortable with vaccination."

Again, vaccination is a community effort," he added. "We need it so that if any one individual gets infected in Massachusetts, enough people around them are vaccinated so the virus just has nowhere to go, nowhere to replicate. That's how we're going to drive down COVID in Massachusetts."

We also checked back in with Heidemarie Floerke. She's a teacher at Boston Latin School, where she teachers German to ninth, tenth and eleventh graders. She and her students are learning German through songwriting and poetry, partially through a virtual classroom.

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