Today on Boston Public Radio, Jared Bowen and Sue O'Connell filled in for Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.

GBH reporter Adam Reilly provided a roundup of the latest political news, from rumblings in the Massachusetts statehouse over House Speaker Robert DeLeo's impending departure to President Donald Trump's approval of the $900 billion coronavirus relief package.

Then, the Rev. Irene Monroe and the Rev. Emmett G. Price III joined us for All Rev'd Up. They discussed the story of Dr. Susan Moore, a Black doctor who died of COVID-19 after raising concerns over racist medical treatment. They also discussed a permit approved for a white-only church in a small Minnesota town and other news at the intersection of religion and politics.

The rest of Monday’s show featured re-airs of some of our favorite segments:

Author and journalist Naomi Klein joined Jim and Margery to talk about her book "On Fire: The Burning Case For A Green New Deal."

Malcolm Gladwell discussed his book “Talking To Strangers: What We Should Know About The People We Don't Know.” Gladwell is a staff writer for The New Yorker and host of the podcast “Revisionist History.”

Ronan Farrow discussed his book “Catch And Kill: Lies, Spies And A Conspiracy To Protect Predators,” about his experience reporting on the crimes of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Farrow is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

Michael Norton discussed his latest research about why minimalism has become the new status symbol. Norton is a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. hHs latest book is "Happy Money: The Science Of Smarter Spending.”

Joshua Foer discussed the latest edition of “Atlas Obscura: An Explorers Guide To The World’s Hidden Wonders.” Foer is a freelance journalist and author of "Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art And Science Of Remembering Everything.”