The coronavirus has not only shifted how teachers connect with students but also how they connect with each other.

Before the pandemic, former teacher Maria Fenwick created an organization that allowed teachers and staff from around the state to share best practices. The virus has made the Teacher Collaborative even more crucial as teachers navigate remote schooling and digital learning.

"I think right now more than ever before, teachers are realizing that they need each other," Fenwick said. "You know, no one can really rethink all of those things alone, and so teachers are really looking for more opportunities to figure out, you know, who else is making this work, what are you doing differently, what can I beg, borrow or steal. Which is always a thing I think teachers think about, but now it's just more urgent."

One of those teachers is Wendy Yaakov, a kindergarten teacher at the Beebe School in Malden. Yaakov has turned to the Teacher Collaborative to learn more about technology and connecting with students virtually.


Maria Fenwick - 1:57
Wendy Yaakov - 12:40

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