When the pandemic rocked the state's economy in the spring, thousands of people were able to collect unemployment benefits to supplement their lost wages.

Not included in that group? Undocumented immigrants, who are having to reach to the shadows of society to get help with fundamentals like shelter and food.

We heard more of their struggle from Patricia Sobalvarro, the executive director of the immigrant non-profit Agencia ALPHA, based in Boston. She's also a member of the steering committee at the Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative.

Then, as we continue to get deeper into this pandemic, like or not, some of us are getting complacent. Maybe that means not wearing a mask when you're around others or getting together with a few people inside.

Whatever it is, COVID caution fatigue is real and being blamed for many of the rising cases and deaths in Massachusetts and nationwide. We heard from Christopher Navis, a registered nurse at UMass Memorial Medical Center, about what we all can do to combat that complacency.


Patricia Sobalvarro - 2:17
Christopher Navis - 15:18