Watertown's Deluxe Town Diner is a local staple. But the pandemic has put a strain on business. We checked back in with co-owners Daryl and Don Levy about how life at the diner was this summer and fall, so far. They recently wrapped up a successful GoFundMe campaign, but say they're preparing for at least a couple more months of below average business.

Then, it may have gotten a little lost in the news cycle last week, but Somerville's music venue ONCE Lounge and Ballroom announced it will not be re-opening after being closed since the spring. But, as we heard from owner J.J. Gonson, ONCE has been cultivating a virtual music space over the months and despite not having a brick and mortar location, the show will go on.


Daryl and Don Levy - 2:19
J.J. Gonson - 11:29