With case numbers increasing in Massachusetts, we checked in with an In It Together regular, Dr. Ashish Jha, about whether these increases are reason for concern.

Massachusetts, like New York, has lowered its case and death counts significantly from the height of their first waves. But today, New York's test positivity rate is 1 percent or less, while Massachusetts' is on the rise. What gives?

And, speaking of the state's first wave, nursing homes across the Commonwealth were hit hard this spring by the coronavirus. Host Arun Rath spoke with Lou Woolf, chief executive officer of Hebrew SeniorLife, about what his organization learned in the spring that they're using now to keep the infection rate low and to prevent more loss of life during a potential second wave. More than 100 seniors of the thousands served by Hebrew SeniorLife have died since the pandemic began.


Dr. Ashish Jha - 1:43
Lou Woolf - 10:16