Gov. Charlie Baker says he's still considering changing state guidelines to better combat a rising rate of COVID-19 infections. Avoiding specifics, Baker said those "changes" could including lowering the number of people permitted to gather in one place and greater restrictions on open businesses.

"There has definitely been some slippage in certain circumstances and situations. And we hope we will be able to continue to move forward. But if the data doesn't support moving forward, as we have said many times, we won't," Baker said Tuesday.

The state's positive test rate seven-day average is up from a low of 1.7 percent to 2 percent.

Baker said he and his public health team is following consistent metrics to determine if the state may need to alter it's reopening plans or even step back from Phase 3 to Phase 2.

Those metrics include: results of contact tracing, ICU capacity, hospitalization rate, positive test rate and how the state is tracing clusters of infections.

Several recent incidents like a party in Chatham and an unauthorized football camp in Weymouth are under investigation for leading to outbreaks.

"I really hope we don't see that going forward because it is going to affect our positive test rate and it is going to affect the way we move forward. Has to," Baker said.

Baker made the comments at Boston MedFlight's headquarters at Hanscom Air Field in Bedford. The company made as many as 12 to 15 flights a day during the peak of the pandemic, Baker said.

"Boston Med flight teams are one of those unsung heroes that have been deeply involved in caring for many of our sickest and most vulnerable patients during this pandemic," Baker said.