Two-thirds of people surveyed in a new poll believe the state's transportation system will need "big changes" coming out of the COVID-19 crisis, and most respondents who are employed full- or part-time indicated they'd like to keep working from home at least partially once the state reopens.

Thirty-nine percent of employed respondents in a MassINC Polling Group survey released Wednesday said they'd prefer to work from home every day after reopening, while 29 percent said a few times a week, 9 percent said a few times a month, and 5 percent said never. Fifteen percent said it wasn't an option for their work.

The poll of 797 registered voters was conducted from July 17 to July 20, and it was sponsored by the Barr Foundation.

Respondents were split on whether transportation taxes and fees should be on the table as possible solutions "if Massachusetts ends up with a state budget deficit as a result of the COVID-19" -- 37 percent said yes, 30 percent said no, and 33 percent were unsure.

Tax collections last fiscal year missed benchmarks by about $3 billion and analysts say initial fiscal 2021 collections forecasts are overly optimistic by several billion dollars, leaving the state with a budget crisis that officials hope will be softened by an infusion of federal relief funds.

Asked if they'd support or oppose cities and towns redesigning their streets during the gradual economic reopening to create more space for social distance, 66 percent said they'd either strongly or somewhat back the idea. A similar amount -- 68 percent -- said they'd strongly or somewhat support street redesigns for activities like walking and biking.