Tonight's show is focused on communities of color and how they, as we know, are being disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus.

First, some good news out of Codman Square Health Center, where 95 percent of their patients are people of color. Last time we checked in with CEO Sandra Cotterell, the Center had completed a couple hundred tests and nearly 50 percent of them had come back positive. On Wednesday,, they've completeed roughly 3,000 tests, and of those, around 2 percent have come back positive.

Then, as the state continues to reopen, many are working to ensure that recovery is equitable, even if the pandemic impacted the state in the exact opposite way. We spoke with Dr. Atyia Martin, a member of the Black Boston COVID-19 Coalition, about what equitable recovery looks like in the city and beyond.


Sandra Cotterell - 2:16
Dr. Atyia Martin - 16:49