The Patriots have reportedly found their successor to Tom Brady in former Carolina Panthers quarterback and former league MVP Cam Newton.

On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston reporter and anchor Trenni Kusnierek joined Boston Public Radio to talk about the expected deal, and what it might signal about the ambitions of the Brady-less Patriots .

The biggest concern over a Newton signing, Kusnierek explained, is his history of injuries, which she said he’s been “riddled with.”

"Whether it’s a shoulder issue, or last year he missed almost the entire season with a lisfranc fracture in his foot... he’s not quite the same guy that he was when he won the MVP with the Carolina Panthers in 2015.”

“But with that said,” she added, "the Patriots only had to pay $1.1 million for Cam Newton. With incentives, he could earn up to $7.5 million, which is still a basement bargain value for a former MVP quarterback.”

Kusnierek also pointed out that Newton has a weaker throwing accuracy than his would-be predecessor, but said that may reflect an evolving gameplay strategy for the Patriots.

“The NFL is moving away from quarterbacks like the ones we watched in New England for 20+ years in Tom Brady, who is more of your traditional, hang back in the pocket, quick release, not moving around a lot. Cam Newton is sort of one of these new-age quarterbacks… he’ll roll out of the pocket, he’ll run left, he’ll run right. He’ll keep the ball and gain 30 yards, or he’ll chuck it down field.”