Few were shocked in March, when the Boston Athletic Association announced they’d be delaying the Boston Marathon in response to the global pandemic. Two months later, many are wondering if the marathon's Sept. 14 pushback date is still jumping the gun.

Asked whether she thinks a September marathon has any chance of happening, Trenni Kusnierek said on Boston Public Radio Tuesday, “no, absolutely not.”

“I've heard from people in the running community... not Boston race directors, but other race directors, who have been told that the BAA has made the decision that there will not be a marathon on Sept. 14th,” she said, explaining that officials "are waiting until they have another contingency plan in place to make the announcement.”

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The NBC Sports Boston reporter said that even with the state's gradual reopening going smoothly, a marathon in the fall would be far too soon.

“What are you gonna do?” she asked. "Go from absolutely no large events the first weekend in September, to the second weekend in September you’re gonna have 30,000 runners and a million spectators?”

“Even if you pared it down and maybe kept it to only domestic runners to come and run, meaning United States, maybe Canada... you’re probably looking at 15 — 20,000 runners,” she said.