Tonight we heard two different coronavirus modeling efforts in the state. The first, lookS at Covid-19 forecasting based on a model used for the seasonal flu. The second takes human factors like state orders and levels of social distancing and forecasts deaths and the number of cases.

Next, we heard how an open source project through MIT and Harvard's Neiman Journalism Lab is documenting people's pandemic experiences through audio diaries from around the world.

Then, we learned how grieving has changed in this pandemic.

Finally, we endED with a look at Boston's only co-housing living facility and Jamaica Plain co-housing is designed for optimal and frequent social interactions. But in the time of coronavirus, those intended social interactions are now limited.


Dr. Nicholas Reich — 2:22
Jagpreet Chhatwal — 13:07
Francesca Panetta — 24:03
Marilyn Schairer — 37:48
Dave Goodman — 43:35