Host Arun Rath discusses how Lawrence General Hospital is handling this pandemic from the hospital's Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. George Kondylis. Then, we hear from WGBH News Reporter Tori Bedford, with her regular segment "The Check-In." Next, for those who don't live alone, it means constant time spent with your family and partner. This could be both good and bad. We learn how to take care of yourself and your partner during this potentially stressful time with Dr. Anne Fishel, from Massachusetts General Hospital. Next, we hear how local distillery Bully Boy is now making hand sanitizer. We end the show with a local vet, Dr. Thea Doidge, where we talk all things pets in this pandemic.


Dr. George Kondylis - 2:45
Tori Bedford - 17:05
Dr. Anne Fishel - 28:49
Will Willis, from Bully Boy - 42:20
Dr. Thea Doidge - 50:55