Today on Boston Public Radio:

– We opened lines to talk with listeners about the financial strains brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

– Tech writer Andy Ihnatko discussed how weak or nonexistent internet access is exacerbating the COVID-19 crisis for low-income Americans, and reviewed medical tech for those looking to monitor their health from home.

– Beat the Press host Emily Rooney talked about the New England Patriots plane that brought medical supplies to Massachusetts from China, and recent sexual assault allegations made against former Vice President Joe Biden.

– Food writer Corby Kummer discussed the toll that COVID-19 is taking on the food and restaurant industry, and the resurgence of Americans raising chickens.

– Media maven Sue O’Connell criticized Jared Kushner’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and drew parallels between our current situation and the AIDS crisis.

– Under the Radar host Callie Crossley discussed misinformation about coronavirus on Fox News, and technology that companies are using to spy on employees working from home.

– We re-opened our lines to callers to continue the coronavirus conversation.

– We aired live audio from Gov. Charlie Baker’s Friday press conference.