With the anticipated spike in state COVID-19 cases only weeks away, many healthcare experts are working to develop approaches that will allow hospitals to care for the steep influx of patients. One of those experts is Dr. Gary Gottlieb, who called in to Boston Public Radio on Thursday to explain his recent Boston Globe column calling for a "comprehensive care response to the coronavirus."

In his words, Gottlieb’s plan recommended that officials "rapidly mobilize public and private assets to create a program that will connect every citizen to a care resource that can triage and safely support COVID-19 patients at home or in community-based venues.”

Specifically, he advocated for expanded remote care, the repurposing of non-invasive respirators for less ill patients, and expedited training of EMTs and paramedics to provide in-home support.

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"As we’ve all listened to, the number of beds that are available, the number of ventilators, the number of skilled professionals who can, in fact, operate various components of intensive care will absolutely be stressed,” he said.

Gottlieb is the former CEO of Partners Healthcare, former CEO of Partners in Health, and a current professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.