Tonight on "In It Together," we hear from Camilla Jerome, a Waltham woman who is immune compromised and experiencing social distancing different than most of her neighbors. We also check in with our reporters and the Massachusetts Coaltion for the Homeless on some of the challenges facing people experiencing homelessness when it comes to coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

If you're looking for a specific segment:

Headlines at 1:20
Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes follows at 2:45, then comes back after Camilla at 20:45
Camilla Jerome starts at 11:00 sharing her story of being immune compromised
Jenifer McKIm follows at 24:30 with a report on homeless youths
Isaiah Thompson at 30:15 shares his reporting on Boston's response to protecting its homeless populations
Kelly Turley at 35:45 with a statewide view on the moment to protect homeless populations from coronavirus
Aaron Schachter at 48:10 with a report on contractors and those who are self-employed affected by buisness closures across the state
Stephanie Leydon at 52:10 on how resturants suppliers are managing these days