The group that sued Harvard University for discriminating against Asian-American applicants has filed an appeal against an October judgment in Harvard's favor regarding allegations against the school's admissions policy.

Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) filed a brief late Tuesday afternoon in the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

Federal Judge Allison Burroughs in Boston ruled Harvard's admissions policies do not discriminate against Asian-American applicants in the original case, a decision widely considered a major win for Harvard and the consideration of race in college admissions.

In her decision, Burroughs said her court will not quote "dismantle a very fine program solely because it could do better."

In its appeal, SFA said Burrough's judgment should be reversed if only because Harvard could do better and because it should be held to a zero-tolerance policy.

“It is our hope the First Circuit Court of Appeals will reverse the lower court’s opinion and end Harvard’s discriminatory admissions policies,” Edward Blum, SFFA’s president, said in a statement.

Harvard said it will vigorously defend the Court's decision.

“Today’s filing by Students for Fair Admissions further exposes their ultimate goal of removing the consideration of race in college and university admissions,” said Rachael Dane, a Harvard spokesperson.

Five of the 10 judges on the First Circuit Court of Appeals who could hear the Harvard discrimination case's appeal went to school there.