Opponents of a Weymouth natural gas project are not the only ones having trouble penetrating the government in their search for answers.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III is still trying to get a clear answer from federal regulators about whether Enbridge, the company behind the compressor station project, has enough support from utility companies for the project to be valid.

On Thursday, Kennedy wrote yet another letter to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Neil Chatterjee - the third in as many months - expressing concerns with the project.

Hinting at dissatisfaction with the last response he received, Kennedy reiterated the question he had posed in a previous letter: does previous approval still stand after some utility companies, whose contracts with Enbridge for use of the compressor's capacity were a necessary precedent, indicated they do not need what the project will bring?

"As you know, this issue is time-sensitive as these serious questions concern a specific project currently under construction," Kennedy wrote.

In December, Kennedy had asked FERC to issue a stop work order to allow for further review of questions about the demand for a compressor.

Chatterjee responded on Dec. 20 that regulators could not reconsider or reject the project because authorization was final, but he said a separate request from stakeholders to rehear the notice to proceed with construction remains pending before the commission. Kennedy's comments have been placed in the docket for that proceeding, Chatterjee said. - Chris Lisinski/SHNS | 1/10/20 9:43 AM