Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • We opened lines to talk with callers about how impeachment is impacting your holiday cheer.
  • NBC Sports Boston Reporter Trenni Kusnierek discussed SpyGate 2.0 for the Patriots, and an intersex runner’s struggle to compete in the face of regulatory pushback.
  • MIT economist Jon Gruber discussed his latest research on how we choose our health plans, and the bigger question of whether average people have too much freedom over their healthcare plans.
  • Atlantic food writer Corby Kummer discussed his list of the best cookbooks of 2019, and a virtual reality dining experience in New York City.
  • Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville discussed how Massachusetts might pay for its enormous $1.5 Billion education funding bill, and a California lawsuit alleging that SAT and ACT scores unjustly favor wealthier students.
  • CNN’s John King discussed the House's upcoming impeachment vote, along with other political headlines.
  • Gold Dust Orphans founder Ryan Landry called in to promote the last weekend of his troupe’s production of “Christmas on Uranus."