City Council Candidate Alejandra St. Guillen announced on Twitter Monday that she will not challenge the Boston city election results in court. After a three-day long recount, St. Guillen fell just short of becoming an at-large city councilor, losing to Julia Mejia by a single vote.

"After weighing all the options with my team and my family, I have come to the decision to not move forward with a court challenge," she said in her tweet. "I am so proud of what we accomplished and, even though we came up short, I feel like we are all winners."

She also congratulated her opponent, Julia Mejia, saying, "I know you will be an excellent councilor and I am proud to have you represent me."

On election night, Mejia led the race by just 10 votes. Despite the close tally, there is not automatic trigger for a recount. Both candidates petitioned for a citywide recount, collecting at least 50 signatures from each of the city's 22 wards.

After the results of the recount were announced, Mejia tweeted that she was "honored to have this opportunity to change the conversation in Boston so that it works for everybody!" Here election is historic: e will be the first Latina member of the Boston City Council, which will be majority female for the first time in history come January.