While conversations about criminal justice reform have gained more traction recently, they generally have focused on issues of reducing the number of people sent to prison or jail. But advocates stress the need to also address conditions for those who are currently incarcerated, both from a concern for human rights, and from a desire to help reduce recidivism upon release. A hearing on Beacon Hill on Tuesday will examine several bills that will seek to increase inmates’ connections with their loved ones so that they have an intact support network to return to, including two bills that would make phone calls to inmates cheaper or free, and another that would loosen restrictions on who can visit inmates.

Jim Braude was joined by Elizabeth Matos, the executive director of Prisoners’ Legal Services, which is supporting the bill, and Ayana Aubourg, the co-founder of a local group for women affected by incarceration, Sisters Unchained, whose father was incarcerated for much of her childhood.