Tonight on Curiosity Live:

  • Late Edition: This WGBH News night team brought us the latest on growing EEE concerns in the state, and a looming hotel strike in Boston.
  • WGBH Morning Edition Host Joe Mathieu checked in from "the edge of the world" on Marconi Beach on Cape Cod, where the first ever radio transmission took place. With the WGBH Morning Edition team on location on Cape Cod to close out the summer, Joe talked weather, Cape Wind, and — of course — sharks.
  • Trivia @ 20: Rob from Newburyport, MA and Mary from New London, CT tried their hand at live trivia, with a little help from a famous furry blue monster.
  • Michael Meagher, one of only 262 certified Master Sommeliers in the world, held court on all things wine. He shared why he uses the same wine glass at home no matter the variety he's drinking, explained why Nova Scotia is getting into the white wine game, and tried his hand at wine roulette.