Tonight on Curiosity Live:

  • Late Edition: This weekend marks the 100th Feast of St. Anthony in Boston's North End. The "feast of all feasts" got underway on Thursday night with the Feast of Santa Lucia. WGBH News' Isaiah Thompson checked in live from the scene.
  • Trivia @ 20: It was August 22, 1902 that the Cadillac Automobile Company was formed. In honor of this American icon that has so often been celebrated in song, we asked callers to name the make or model of other cars featured in popular song.
  • Sarah Stopyra, program director for FINE Mortuary College in Norwood, talked about the stigma associated with being a mortician, how — for many — it is a calling, and what it's like to teach the next generation of funeral directors.
  • Kelly Beatty from Sky and Telescope Magazine stopped by to talk about the latest space news and celestial highlights.