Joe Biden Takes Double-Digit Lead Over Competitors In 2020 Race
As the Democratic race for the 2020 presidential nomination continues, a new CNN poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden with 29% support among likely Democratic primary voters, compared to 15% support for Sen. Bernie Sanders and 14% support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The numbers indicate that Biden's recent headline-making gaffes may not be hurting his overall chances as Democrats continue to cite defeating President Donald Trump as their number one priority. But with plenty of time for the race to take shape, will runners-up Sanders and Warren make a dent in Biden's lead over time?

In for Jim Braude, Adam Reilly was joined by Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards and John Walsh, former chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and former campaign manager for Gov. Deval Patrick.

Dr. Sandro Galea On How The U.S. Can Get ‘Well’
This segment first aired May 6, 2019.
The United States spends twice as much on healthcare than other high-income nations, racking up nearly $10,000 per capita per year. And yet, despite all that money spent, this country also has a lower average life expectancy than 27 similarly developed countries. What are we getting wrong? The Dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health, Dr. Sandro Galea, says that we need to think about health in a much more holistic manner and address problems before they start on a wide scale. Jim Braude was joined by Dr. Galea to discuss his new book, ‘Well: What We Need to Talk About When We Talk About Health.’

Are We Too Caught Up In Shark Panic?
This segment first aired July 18, 2019.
Last year saw the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936, and the summer beach season has already seen several closings in response to shark sightings in Cape Cod. Are vacationers right to be afraid, or is everyone getting whipped up into shark panic? Jim Braude was joined by Boston Globe Magazine writer Neil Swidey, who recently wrote a piece on the issue, and David Ropeik, a risk analysis consultant and the author of "How Risky Is It Really? Why Our Fears Don't Always Match The Facts."