On Monday, June 24, 2019, Attorney General Maura Healey joined Boston Public Radio for their monthly "Ask the Attorney General" segment. Among the issues discussed were her thoughts on the Encore Casino's grand opening, the state's transportation crisis, and the role her office is playing in investigating allegations of racism towards a group of students at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Interview Highlights

On the Encore Casino's Opening:

"This is an industry that really makes its money through exploiting people's willingness to gamble. So, with that, yes, you [have] got to be looking out for consumer protection. You got to be looking out for the protection of young people ... particularly when it comes to Everett and the proximity to so many colleges and universities."

On the Red Line Derailment from Earlier in the Month:

"The derailment thing is a huge issue. We are second in the country in derailments. We are now talking about public safety at its core. People getting injured. People could die. This is a real serious situation, and what’s going on?"