Catherine Judd-Stein the Chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission joined Boston Public Radio Thursday to discuss the upcoming opening of the Encore Casino in Everett. Among other topics, Judd-Stein spoke about the controversy surrounding former CEO Steve Wynn, what visitors can expect to see at the casino, and the potential of a third casino opening in Massachusetts.

Interview Highlights:

On Dealing With Economic Pressure to Allow the Casino to Open During the Wynn Investigation

“We had to be really careful about letting any of those external factors influence our decisions. We really had a great framework that the [law passed by the state legislature] provided for us. Interestingly, the law really worked, and as a lawyer, applying the law in that way, I’m very, very comfortable saying the framework really worked and gave us great guidance.”

On the Commission’s Decision to Require Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox to Undergo Executive Training

“He’s been a very successful CEO in so many ways on the gaming front, but we did see that there was some challenges. All of us challenges in so many ways, and this training could help him on the complexities of the HR matters that were really the subject matter of our deliberations.”