Today on the show:

  • Geoff Diehl and Jeffrey Sanchez joined us for our political round table.
  • Charlie Sennott, WGBH news analyst and CEO of The GroundTruth Project, joined us to discuss the response to last week’s shootings in New Zealand.
  • We spoke with medical ethicist Art Caplan about the prevalence of suicide among medical professionals.
  • Corby Kummer, a senior editor at The Atlantic, joined us to discuss how similar tactics used to sell tobacco are used to market sugary beverages to children.
  • We opened up our phone lines to ask for our listeners’ reactions to last week's shootings in New Zealand.
  • Reverend Irene Monroe joined us to share her thoughts on the college admissions scandal.
  • We spoke with television and pop culture expert Bob Thompson about what he watched on TV last week.