Controversy Over Whether Newton Judge Helped Defendant Evade ICE
What started out as a routine court hearing in Newton has turned into a federal investigation into Judge Shelley Joseph, probing whether she helped a man evade federal immigration agents. Governor Baker is calling for her to be removed from all criminal cases as the investigation proceeds. As reported this week by the Boston Globe, at a bench discussion during an April hearing, the defense attorney, prosecutor, and Judge Joseph discussed the fact that ICE agents were outside the courtroom waiting for defendant Jose Medina-Perez – cutting out the audio for part of the conversation. Neither of the charges required Medina-Perez to be held in custody, but when he left the building, he left through the back door, thus evading federal immigration agents — leading to the current investigation into Judge Joseph’s actions.

Jim Braude was joined by former state attorney general and former democratic candidate for governor, Scott Harshbarger, who is now senior counsel at Casner and Edwards; and John Bennett, an attorney at Goodwin Procter, who represented MIT custodian Francisco Rodriguez, who was detained and held by ICE for more than five months.

Previewing A Big Night For ‘Beat The Press’
On Friday, WGBH commemorates 20 years of Beat The Press. Over the past two decades, host Emily Rooney and her panel have covered the media's failures, triumphs and everything in between. On Friday, they'll look back on the show in a special, live anniversary episode.

Getting Active At The ICA
A new exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston encourages museum-goers to get in on the action. In “Choreographic Objects,” visitors can climb, crawl, and dance their way through a series of interactive exhibits, which are all from the mind of Boston Ballet choreographer William Forsythe. Arts Editor Jared Bowen reports.

IMHO: The MBTA’s Newest Excuse
Jim Braude explains why he thinks the MBTA sugarcoats just how late they always are — hoping passengers don’t notice.