Today on the show:

  • After the NRA told doctors to"stay in their lane" on gun control in response to a paper from the American College of Physicians recommending stronger gun legislation, doctors began firing back. We talked to medical ethicist Art Caplan about that and more.
  • We asked you about a new study from the Lancet suggesting that fertility rates are dropping worldwide. If you have made the decision not to have children, what motivated your decision? Concerns about climate change? Cost?
  • Homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem addressed rumors that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen may be on the way out of the Trump administration.
  • WGBH executive arts editor Jared Bowen reviewed the new Gary Hart biopic, "The Front Runner."
  • Heather Goldstone, WCAI science editor, looked ahead to what the midterm elections could mean for the future of climate change policy.
  • Sports writer John Powers discussed his new book, "Fridays With Bill: Inside The Football Mind Of Bill Belichick."
  • From Tupac to Maria Callas, artists are being 'resurrected' in hologram form to perform for live audiences. We opened up the lines and asked you: Would you go see a hologram in concert?