City officials want to put facilities for addiction treatment on Long Island, which formerly housed the homeless.

Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell says the council knows it is at a "crisis point."

"We have letters here from different civic associations and business leaders particularly around certain neighborhoods in the City of Boston that are struggling ... so we know that we need the bridge rebuilt," she said.

Long Island is part of Boston, but the only road to a rebuilt bridge goes through the City of Quincy. Leaders in Quincy have fought plans to rebuild the bridge tooth and nail. Boston officials say they may have to go to court to get it rebuilt.

Boston City Councilor Michael Flaherty says there's not just a fight against the opioid crisis, but against the City of Quincy. And Flaherty says Boston bears the brunt of the responsibility for providing treatment to people suffering in the opioid epidemic.

"No one else wants to pick up the slack,” Flaherty said. “Particularly our suburban counterparts—why does it always fall on Boston?" Flaherty says he wants Mayor Marty Walsh to provide information that could persuade Quincy to get behind the project.

"We need answers and we kind of need them yesterday particularly in this fight ... the city of Quincy is lawyered up and they're going to pursue every possible avenue just to block this from happening," Flaherty said.

Many of the Boston city councilors mentioned concern over a $250,000 war chest for lawyers fees that Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch requested from his council last week.

The road to the bridge goes through the Squantum neighborhood of Quincy, and the idea of more traffic clogging up their roads has had locals up in arms.

Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch has said Boston could use ferries to access the island.

The Walsh administration maintains ferries wouldn't work for medical emergencies, and that the traffic to a treatment center would be less than that to the homeless services the old bridge connected to.

Quincy's Conservation Commission rejected rebuilding the bridge one week ago, the conflict may end up in court.