After nearly a month off, the MBTA's control board is back with a lengthy agenda of updates and decisions on the T's maintenance woes.

A lot's happened since the T's Fiscal and Management Control Board last met. It's not just its vehicles and tracks that are falling apart, but at least one parking garage as well: A piece of concrete fell from the ceiling of the Alewife garage forcing officials to shut it down for the weekend.

State transportation officials are getting mixed reviews this summer, with highway projects alleviating some traffic woes, but the MBTA is still suffering frustrating breakdowns. Successful projects like the swift completion of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and the prospect of new Red and Orange line cars will be high on the list of things Gov. Charlie Baker takes credit for as he hits the reelection trail this week.

Baker’s opponents will be talking about the T, too. Democratic candidate Jay Gonzalez has been tying some of the T's woes to Baker — namely, botched private contracts, a power shut-down on the Blue Line last week and the decreasing reliability of the Red and Orange lines while riders wait for new cars.

New Red and Orange Line cars are scheduled for service later this year and next.