A steady throng of cars and people passed by Vera Adams' house on Torrey Street in Weymouth Tuesday, two days after she was killed. Police say she was struck by a bullet fired by the same man who allegedly gunned down Officer Michael Chesna Sunday morning. The District Attorney's office says the 77-year-old woman who lived alone was not the victim of a bullet fired during a police shootout. She was having coffee in the sunroom of her home when Emmanuel Lopes, running from police, saw her looking out her window and intentionally fired at her.

Many of those who stopped by the makeshift memorial in front of Adams' home to leave flowers and cards of sympathy say they did not know her, but they were paying their respects.

Weymouth resident Maureen Kerns said Adams worked as schoolbus monitor years ago, and her son remembers how nice she was, calling her "the greatest." Adams' cousin Regina Pontieri said Adams was "sweet, fun-loving and was enjoying traveling, since she retired from an insurance company where he had worked for years."

As she looked down the quiet street where Adams lived, Pontieri tearfully said it was peaceful, adding that her cousin was "now at peace too."