We revisited some of our favorite segments today:

· We celebrate Leonard Bernstein’s centennial with his daughters Nina Bernstein Simmons and Jamie Bernstein.
· We open the lines and ask you about Updike’s Rabbit Series being adapted to TV. Are you worried that that Rabbit Rebooted will be Rabbit Ruined? What do you think have been the best and worst adaptations of books onto the big and small screen?
· Alex Beam joins us for one of his famous explainers.
· Then it’s a look at a modern Day George Bailey—a do good banker who found himself facing a life behind bars. He’s the subject of the FRONTLINE documentary; Abacus: Small enough to jail.
· Kevin Young discusses his book Bunk: and an encyclopedic book that traces the social structures that prop up the hoax.
· We talk to Gar Alpervitz who was instrumental in making the Pentagon Papers public.
· Sy Montgomery joins us for another edition of the Afternoon Zoo.

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