• We asked you about Stacey Abrams winning the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Georgia last night. Do Democrats need to move left if they want to win in the midterms?
  • Tech writer Andy Ihnatko looked at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's apology tour through Europe.
  • Homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem brought us her latest predictions about the Russia investigation.
  • Author and Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt discussed his new book, "Tyrant," about Shakespeare's insights into politics and leadership.
  • WGBH arts editor and "Open Studio" host Jared Bowen shared his weekly roundup of the best arts and cultural events in Boston.
  • Philip Roth — author of "Portnoy's Complaint," "American Pastoral," "Goodbye, Columbus," and more — has died. We asked you how his work has impacted you.
  • MIT economist Jonathan Gruber took your questions about prescription drug pricing.

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