Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced today that no charges would be filed in the 2016 death of Alton Sterling, a man shot and killed as he was being restrained by police. And over the past two weeks, the city of Sacramento has been grappling with the death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man was shot 20 times in his grandmother’s backyard. His death has sparked protests across Sacramento, but many argue that his death has not received as much as attention as those that took place during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Have we become desensitized to these killings? Jim Braude was joined by Tanisha Sullivan, president of the Boston Branch of the NAACP, Peter Roby, athletic director at Northeastern University, and Jocelyn Sargent, executive director at the Hyams Foundation — which just released a study on racial inequity in Boston — to discuss.