It's a street name that's become as synonymous with Fenway Park as the Green Monster and Pesky's Pole, but for years, many have argued that Yawkey Way pays tribute to a racist history and now, the Red Sox themselves agree. Last month, the Red Sox filed a petition with the Public Improvement Commission to change the name of Yawkey Way back to Jersey Street, which it was until 1977 when it was renamed for former team owner Tom Yawkey.
The Commission will take up the issue Thursday during a public hearing.
Jim Braude was joined by Howard Bryant, a columnist for ESPN Magazine and NPR Weekend Edition correspondent, who is also the author of “Shut Out: A Personal Story of Race and Baseball in Boston, and the Reverend Dr. Ray Hammond, founder of Boston’s Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and a Yawkey Foundation trustee.
Note: WGBH, has a Yawkey Theater as well, as the Yawkey Foundation gave a $7 million grant for the building.