While this week’s special election in Pennsylvania is still too close to call, the outcome seems to continue a new blue wave with Democrat Conor Lamb’s reported win in a county that heavily favored Trump. Lamb, a former prosecutor and veteran who was seen as a moderate Democrat, holds a razor thin lead over Republican Rick Saccone, a state lawmaker and veteran too. Last year, Democrats saw another upset in Alabama with the election of another middle-of-the-road candidate, Democrat Doug Jones who beat accused child molestor Roy Moore for the Senate seat. So what's driving the wave? The candidate or the party?

Jim Braude was joined by Emily Cherniack,  the founder and executive director of New Politics, which helps recruit veterans like Congressman Seth Moulton to run for public office and Nadeem Mazen, a former city Cambridge City councilor and part of Bernie Sanders's Our Revolution movement to discuss.