A free speech rally held on Boston Common drew around a hundred protestors but finished without major incident on Saturday.

Hosted by a group calling itself "Resist Marxism," the "Rally for the Republic" comes after tens of thousands of counter-protestors overwhelmed a similar event in August that came just one week after demonstrations by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va.

The numbers of people at the counter-demonstrations were smaller than before, but emotions were still high. A large police presence at the event kept the two groups apart.

Police get in between rallygoers and counterprotestors.
Esteban Bustillos WGBH News

Inside the barricades at the Parkman Bandstand, roughly a hundred rallygoers, some who sported Make America Great Again and Donald Trump merchandise, listened to speakers for about an hour and a half before marching to the State House and through downtown. 

Mark Sahady, who organized the event for Resist Marxism, said the goal was to support the cause of free speech.

"Our message is that we have patriotic Americans of all ideologies [who] have a right to come together and to support free speech," he said. "To support the Constitution, to support veteran's causes and to stand up for America. And that's what we're here to do."   

The Rally for the Republic took place at the Parkman Bandstand.
Esteban Bustillos WGBH News