On Friday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and City Councilor Tito Jackson came to Dorchester, each to make his case for being Boston's next mayor.

The forum was not a debate -- and neither candidate was present during his opponent's talk; Jackson arrived just as Walsh was finishing, and Walsh left immediately after his own presentation. 

The candidates have agreed to at least two formal debates before the city's municipal election in November.  

Addressing residents in a ward that supported his candidacy 4 years ago, Walsh highlighted the accomplishments he says he's made as mayor, including overseeing the construction of new housing including affordable housing, and said that he intends to see more housing added if elected to another term as mayor. 

Jackson painted a different picture, saying that Boston's growth has left many residents -- especially working class and middle-class families -- behind

"People are getting pushed out of the city of Boston every single day" Jackson , people are losing their opportunity to grow up in the cities and communities they've lived in."

Both candidates received healthy doses of applause from the crowd, a diverse collection of the civicly-minded and member of the city's Democratic party. 

At least one attendee, Fred Paley said the forum gave him food for thought:

"I was really into Marty Walsh as mayor," Paley told WGBH News. 

"But I really didn't know much about background of Tito Jackson. But this enlightened me more of his background and policy and his ideas - so it kind of put me on the fence."