Some Republican members of congress have indicated they are open to regulating bump stocks on guns, a development Congressman Mike Capuano says he is cautiously optimistic about.

“It’s not what we need, but it’s better than nothing,” he said on BPR today. “I’ll take any improvement we can get, and if they’re open to that, that’s great.”

Bump stocks are devices that can be affixed to semi-automatic rifles to allow them to shoot at the speed of automatic rifles. They’ve come into the public eye in recent days because twelve of the rifles used by Stephen Paddock in the mass shooting in Las Vegas were outfitted with bump stocks.

Capuano said he was heartened by the fact regulation is even being discussed, since it hadn’t come up in the wake of the Orlando shooting, an instance during which bump stocks were also used.

“This is not the first time these devices have been used in a mass murder. A few years ago, they were used in Orlando,” he said. “At the time, there was no discussion of it. If this is what it takes to finally make some progress on the issue, I guess I’m happy, but we’ll see.”

Capuano explained that one obstacle to the reform might be the influence of the NRA, since they grade legislators based on their votes on gun reform bills. The NRA has endorsed regulating bump stocks, and Capuano speculated that Republicans might have contacted the NRA before speaking out in favor of regulation.

“I presume that some of the Republicans who have spoken out probably checked with the NRA before they spoke out. Now I don’t know that obviously and I hope I’m wrong, but if they checked with them, maybe the NRA realizes finally that on this one, maybe they have to make some movement,” he said. “Again, we’ll see.”

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