Senator Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday that Congress is being "held hostage" by the National Rifle Association, and called on her colleagues to implement gun control measures in the wake of a mass shooting in Las Vegas where at least 59 people were killed.

"People die every day, and the United States Congress is held hostage by the NRA," she told Boston Public Radio. "We can't do anything. We can't even make the simplest changes that the overwhelming majority of Americans support."

Warren has called for more extensive background checks for gun buyers. A national Quinnipiac University poll from June 2017 showed that 94 percent of Americans favor requiring background checks for all gun buyers.

Warren said Congress has a "moral responsibility" to act.

"As long as there are mothers and fathers who are having to bury their children because of gun violence, as long as there are little girls and little boys who are growing up without their parents because of gun violence, we have a responsibility to come back to this and begin to take some basic gun safety measures," she said.

"That's a moral responsibility. That's on us, here in Washington," Warren continued.

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