Boston is in the competition to become the location of Amazon's second headquarters, but there are questions of whether the city is a viable option.

Suffolk Downs is being offered as a potential site by the City of Boston due to its proximity to Logan Airport and accessibility by public transportation, but the site would need some major infrastructure improvements before construction could occur. Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo is a strong advocate for this idea, a boon for that area's lack of development and poor infrastructure. Meanwhile, municipalities across the state have been offering bids of their own. 

Municipalities have until Oct. 19, 2017 to lobby for the headquarters, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said he won't make a decision until next year.

WGBH News contributor and Boston Globe business columnist Shirley Leung spoke with WGBH's Morning Edition host Joe Matheiu about what may or may not make Boston an appealing option for Amazon as it considers potential sites.

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