More than ten months since the people of Massachusetts decided they wanted legalized, recreational marijuana, the panel tasked with overseeing the industry is finally getting down to business. The Cannabis Control Commission will hold its first public meeting tomorrow, after the five members were named last month. The commission has until March 2018 to develop regulations and an application process for retail shops, which are supposed to be open by next summer. Commission Chair Steve Hoffman, who voted against the ballot question last November, joins Jim Braude.

Two polarizing political figures stepped back into the spotlight on Sunday, Steve Bannon in his first-ever television interview and Hillary Clinton in her first since the election. Former Trump chief strategist Bannon, now back at the helm of Breitbart News, defended himself and his former boss on CBS’s 60 Minutes, calling himself a “streetfighter” and his former boss a “great counterpuncher.” Bannon also criticized Trump and how he handled the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, going as far as to call it maybe the biggest mistake in modern political history. Comey was also on Hillary Clinton's mind as she sat down for an interview to discuss her new book titled "What Happened.” In it, she blamed the former F.B.I. chief for costing her the election. She also took on some of the blame herself. She told CBS This Morning’s Jane Pauley, “I think…that it was a mistake because a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans they wanted me to share their anger.” Jim is joined by his Boston Public Radio co-host Margery Eagan and conservative commentator Michael Graham, who hosts the Michael in the Morning podcast on

A local jazz prodigy is raising money for the next generation of performers, in honor of a local legend. Grace Kelly, born in Wellesley and raised in Brookline, wrote her first song at age seven, released her first CD at age twelve, and became a regular with Stephen Colbert’s house band by age 23. Now, she’s pursuing her solo career, and coming back to her hometown to help host a fundraiser concert for a new scholarship at Berklee college, honoring jazz luminary Fred Taylor. Taylor is responsible for launching many careers and bringing some of the biggest up-and-comers here to Boston, most at the Sculler’s Jazz Club. He was let go from Scullers in January, raising the ire of jazz lovers around the region. Grace Kelly and Fred Taylor joined Jim to discuss their concert, their careers and the future of jazz.

Jim comments on the message that Mother Nature is sending, and his thoughts on the president's response.