Missed the Message: They were labeled white supremacists and Nazi’s well before anyone heard what a self-described free speech group had to say last Saturday – labeling the media went along with. Now, with a little hindsight, the media could have served its audience a whole lot better if they had only insisted on letting those free speech voices get heard.
Armchair Shrinks: Is Donald Trump mentally fit to be president? According to one prominent media critic, it’s time for the press to take that question head on. But as you might expect, not everyone thinks that’s a wise move.
Infernal Memo: This week The New York Times got a hold of emails that Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker sent to reporters covering President Trump’s political rally in Phoenix. Insiders say it’s another example of Journal owner Rupert Murdoch’s conservative influence over the paper.
Cause Celebre?: With NFL coverage ramping up, there’s been a lot of attention focused on a player who’s not on the roster – Colin Kaepernick -- the former 49ers quarterback who remains unsigned. It’s unclear whether that’s due to his on-field performance or his polarizing politics. Regardless, the media has turned him into a cause celebre.
Rants and Raves:  A review of the week in media.
On this week’s edition of Beat the Press from the Boston Public Library, host Emily Rooney was joined by Lylah Alphonse of U.S. News and World Report; Josh Benton of the Nieman Journalism Lab; Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University; Callie Crossley of WGBH News.