We are staring into the face of a very ugly future, according to a draft government report on climate change. The 545-page report, put together by a panel of scientists from 13 different federal agencies, paints a dire picture of the effects of climate change across the country. Here in the Northeast, things are looking worse than even just three years ago. But right now, this is just a draft, which the Trump administration has not yet officially approved – the administration headed by a man who once tweeted “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese.” Jim Braude was joined by Gina McCarthy, the former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama.

Nearly everywhere you look across the country these days, it is a GOP bonanza. The house, the senate, the White House and the corner office at the Massachusetts State House are all Republican controlled. So, do Democrats have a credible plan to return to power anywhere? Martha Coakley and Scott Harshbarger, both Democrats and former Attorneys General for Massachusetts who ran for governor for governor, joined Jim.

Jim shares his conspiracy theory on the suspiciously fast Mass Pike construction project.