Not Allowed - The Trump administration barred press access to an oval office meeting with Russian officials. But it quickly became clear at least one outlet managed to cover the event – and they weren’t from the U.S.

Something Odd? - A new New York Times’ Sunday Review feature asks readers to “Say Something Nice” about the president, but the series has some responding with not-so-nice things about its author, veteran journalist Michael Kinsley.  

Crossing the Line - A West Virginia journalist was recently arrested after an encounter with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. How aggressive should a reporter be when pushing for information?

Tuning Out - A new Pew Research study that found a widening gap between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to trusting the press.

Rants and RavesA review of the week in media

Joining Emily are WBZ News’ Jon Keller; Tom Fiedler of Boston University, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University and WGBH’s Callie Crossley.