It’s game on in Washington D.C as an outgoing president fights to defend his legacy achievement from being dismantled by the new guy in town.  President Obama met with congressional democrats to strategize a way to save Obamacare from being ‘repealed and replaced’,  while Vice President elect Mike Pence gathered republican legislators who are committed to that very objective.  Jim Braude (@jimbraude) gets insight on how the country and Massachusetts could be impacted by a change to the Affordable Care Act from:  Don Berwick (@berwickforMA), a former administrator for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Renee Landers, a law professor at Suffolk University; and Josh Archambault (@josharchambault), Senior Fellow on Health Care Policy at the Pioneer Institute.

A local man was found dead at the bottom of seaside cliff 28 years ago and Australian officials called it a suicide.  That’s not how Steve Johnson believed his brother Scott died.  He believes it could be part of string of murders targeting gay men.  Johnson is getting help on the case from former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (@marthacoakley).  Both join Jim to talk about their pursuit of justice. 

Right now, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh isn’t facing a strong challenger in his run for re-election.  Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) takes a look at the obstacles an opponent would face. 

Today a driverless car got a test run on the streets of South Boston.  Although Jim says he’s not technology adverse, he explains why he remains skeptical of how these cars could navigate the streets of Boston safely.