In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, dozens of alleged physical and verbal attacks on immigrants are being reported around the country.  Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says that such harassment and bullying will not be tolerated and emphasized over the weekend that Boston is an “open city”. So too is Cambridge, and the US Postal Service is investigating an alleged incident there involving one of its workers.   

Yarden Katz, a  fellow at Harvard Medical School, said he witnessed the alleged harassment.  Katz said he pulled into a Shell gas station the day after the election and heard a uniformed postal worker, who was filling up an official vehicle, screaming at an Hispanic man.

And I heard the USPS worker who was a bearded white male saying ‘go back to your country.  This is Trumpland. You’re not getting your check anymore.’ “ 

Katz took down the USPS vehicle license number and sent a letter to the Postal Service.  Katz posted the letter on Twitter and said the backlash from Trump supporters has been furious.   But reporting the incident has also resulted in messages of praise, he said. The USPS tweeted that it is looking into the incident.