You'll be the judge on election day, do we treat farm animals humanely? Both sides of the upcoming ballot question are here to make their case. MSPCA advocacy director Kara Holmquist(@KaraHolmquist) and Citizens Against Food Tax Injustice's Diane Sullivan discussed both sides of the question.

Holmquist said that there is an extremely modest and common sense measure. She said that there are thousands of hens in Massachusetts in cages that aren't big enough for them to spread their wings, and we need to treat animals as individuals.

Sullivan said that this ballot question would only impact one farm in Massachusetts. She said it begs the question why in Massachusetts we're dictating what other states do. Question three is a social injustice she said, because it will cause harm to low income families, who will see a significant rise in egg prices.

While the market is moving toward being cage-free, Holmquist said that we need to have laws that at least set the same standards that McDonalds is doing.

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