The Boston Red Sox post-season run came to an abrupt end last night with their third loss to the Cleveland Indians. But the game ended more than just the season. It was the final game for one of the team’s most beloved players.

In the bottom of the ninth, the Red Sox were down by a run with two men on base. But then, an easy pop fly and it was over. They’d been swept in three games in the American League Division Series.

But the fans didn’t go anywhere. The end of the season also meant the end of a career for one of the team’s most remarkable players – David Ortiz, lovingly known to fans as Big Papi.

“Papi! Papi” they chanted, calling on him to come out  for one last bow. “We’re not leaving! We're not leaving!" they chanted.

The team had already retreated to the clubhouse, but when Ortiz heard the fans were calling for him, he came back out to an enormous cheer, as the music from The Natural played on the loudspeaker.

Ortiz walked to the mound, took off his hat, and held it in salute to the fans. He later said that's when it hit him that it was the last time he’d be out there. And despite last night's outcome, he said he’s happy and proud of how he’s leaving the game.

After the game, Ortiz said that was an emotional moment.

“That moment that hits you, you know you’re never going to be able to be performing in the baseball world, in front of all this – no disrespect to anyone, but I think we have the best fans worldwide. It’s something that – it kind of hit me a little bit.”

Ortiz told reporters he'll carry his memories from Fenway for the rest of his life.

“And what mad me happy and proud about walking home the way I am right now is that as long as I play in front of these fans I never take anything for granted. I give everything I have. Do something special while I play. And the fans respect that.”

Ortiz said despite being swept in the ALDS, it was an important season for the team.

“I’m happy. Not just for me, not just how my career went down, but for the organization, the step that we took, from going from last place to win the Division this year. Even if things didn’t end up the way we were looking for.”

Ortiz said he told his teammates after the game to reflect on that and come back fighting next year.